Who Will When The Fight Between FSBO Vs. Realtors

In this match up you have two well known different forms of selling your home, but only one can come out on top. For those of you that do not know, FSBO stands for For Sale By Owners. Most of you are very formally with Realtors, as they are people that help you sell your house. Until now, the Realtors have had a death lock on the market, but now with the raising of a new star; the Realtors are going to have to fight to keep their spot on top. Or will the FSBO be crowned as the new champ? Let’s have a clean fight, and let the games begin.

FSBO Vs. Realtors

When it comes to selling your home there are two different roads that you can take. First you can take the most used way, which would be with the Realtors. They have their positive things because they are going to do the work for you. They are going to put your house on the market and show it off to people. They can hold open houses, and they pretty much take care of everything. However, if you are looking to save some money then you may want to go with the FSBO. There are many websites that are out there now that can help you get your house on the market without the help from Realtors. Also, you can set up everything yourself because you do not have to do what the Realtors tell you to do. It seems like they both have their plus sides. now let’s take a look at the bad.

When it comes to down falls,both FSBO and Realtors have their negatives. First, we will start with Realtors. Sure they guys may do everything for you, but it all is going to come as a big cost to you. They are going to get 5 to 6 percent of whatever you make on your house. Now say your house sells for 100,000 dollars, they are getting a good bit of that. However, if you go with FSBO you are going to have to pay to post your house on different sites. Now only that, but you are also going to have to do everything yourself. Sure they have tools to help you, but you are not gong to have Realtors to handle all the dirty paper work. It’s always nice to know that you do not have to do something by yourself, but doing it this way you are kind of taking a shot in the dark.

So who comes out on top? Well it really depends on what you like. For me it would have to be the Realtors. This is just because it seems like a lot less work to go ahead and pay someone to help you get your house off the market as quickly as possible. However, if you know what you are doing to sell a home then you may think that FSBO is the way to go. By doing it yourself you are saving a lot of money. It is great to save money because then you know longer have to pay the Realtors. So what it comes down to is what you like the most. However, I do think that it is great that we have two different roads to travel down. Sure the FSBO is the less traveled road, but we are starting to see a shift in that.



  1. Posted May 4, 2009 at 12:14 am |

    You make some good points. Perhaps it is dependant on each sellers situation. If they do not have the time to spend doing the work and/or can not show their home than a realtor would be the way to go. However, the time spent learning about the process can save the average homeowner tens of thousands of dollars and that could be a sizeable chunk for the next down payment, or new car or college tuition. FSBO sales are growing because people now are so much more informed.

  2. liz
    Posted May 26, 2009 at 8:23 am |

    I have sold several homes through Realtors. I am not impressed with the quality of work they actually do. As a seller I have found the listing agent to be about getting the listing and then they are basically done. Now you would think in this down market they would be willing to put more time and effort into “creatively” marketing your home, but they don’t. I am now going to try FSBO because my house was listed last fall and all the realtor wanted to do was drop price by tens of thousands of $. The agent did a market anaylisis of the property and came up with a listing price so you would think it was an accurate fair price. I am hoping I can do better and save myself $8,000.

  3. Kristin Balsley
    Posted May 27, 2009 at 7:14 pm |

    Thanks for a fair look at the pros and cons of both sides. It a personal choice; neither one is the tragedy that some folks make it out to be. FSBO does take a great deal more work on the seller’s part. It’s not just printing flyers and raking in money. You’ve got to commit serious time and effort – like a second full-time job’s worth of effort – to save that money. You’ve got to do the homework and decide which is worth more to you, the commission or your time.

  4. Amir
    Posted July 9, 2009 at 10:25 am |

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  5. Posted July 9, 2009 at 10:25 am |

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  6. Jerry
    Posted August 14, 2010 at 1:35 pm |

    Something like 13% of FSBO’s actually sell and the ones that do most often sell to a friend or family member. I’m a numbers guy. If you were told to lay down your money on something that had an 87% chance of failure, would you do it? You can find full time real estate agents that will list your home for 3.5%. I know you can because I am one of them.

  7. Lisa
    Posted October 17, 2010 at 3:33 am |

    We sold our house in Canada via For Sale By Owner in TEN DAYS! It was as easy as pie. I will never use a real estate agent again. We saved C$14,000.

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