What to Look for on an FSBO Website

At one time the property owner who had put an FSBO sign on his or her front lawn faced a path down a lonely road. In the past, the property owner who did not use the services of a realtor had almost no one to turn to for advice and help. Introduction of the many FSBO websites has put an end to that sad state of affairs.

FSBO Web Template

By using the information posted on one of those websites, a property owner can take control of the various transactions that are associated with a home sale. Such websites help the seller to locate and obtain all of the necessary “tools.” The same sites also help the buyers to find properties that have not included in the asking price the fee that must be paid to a realtor.

One of the most important services provided by the websites that target the property owners who have decided that for sale by owner is the right route for them. In the past, only a property owner who was willing to pay an expensive commission could hope to get his or her property on any type of listing. Now, however, potential buyers can sit at a desk computer, and look on the Internet for a listing of properties that are for sale, but do not have a realtor’s sign on the lawn.

The appearance of websites that lists properties that are being sold by the owner has allowed the person who must move cross country to look for lower cost properties even before he or she has actually made the move. Today, someone who has to move, due to the demands of a job, does not always have to exist in a hotel room, while looking for a home that he or she can afford.

FSBO Website Template

While the listing on a FSBO website is probably its most important feature, each such website also gives the property owner access to a number of additional services. The property owner can purchase a lawn sign from such a website. The property owner can arrange for a photographer to take pictures or video of the home that the owner has chosen to put on the market. The property owner can even arrange to provide potential buyers with a virtual tour of his or her home.

While sellers welcome the introduction of these new websites, buyers can also take advantage of the many added, online services. Traditionally, it has not been easy to find a home that was being sold by the owner. Websites that offer home appraisals and also post accurate home values can help a buyer to find a property that is being sold without the assistance of a realtor.

For Sale by Owner Website Theme

Once a buyer has found the home of his or her dreams, then some websites even facilitate the move into that purchased residence. They become a source of online resources for the man or woman who needs to search for a reputable mover. Such websites slowly expand the list of reasons why anyone can feel prepared to sell his or her own home.



  1. Louise Johnston
    Posted December 2, 2009 at 7:14 pm |

    I’m looking to purchase a fsbo template – so that I can set up a fsbo website – can you tell me more about these templates??

    Thanks, Louise

  2. Posted December 2, 2009 at 9:43 pm |

    Hi Louise, http://www.top1000templates.com/real-estate-templates/

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