Things you Need to Have Along With an FSBO to Sell Your Home

When you sell your house using the “for sale by owner,” or FSBO, process one of the main things you do not need is a realtor. You may wind up coming into contact with realtors representing other clients that may be interested in buying your home, but you will not have to worry about a realtor intruding on your life just to make a sale. However there are a few things you will need when you sell FSBO, and it is important to understand the things you will need especially if you are selling a home and the buying one right after your sale as many people do.

For Sale by Owner Tips


A real estate attorney is a must whenever you sell any home, especially if you are using the FSBO process. The people buying your home will have an attorney representing them, and even though the FSBO organization gave you all the paperwork you needed and a detailed rundown on how to fill out that paperwork, you still do not want to have direct contact with another party’s attorney during the selling process. This can get especially complicated if you are selling your house and buying your next house at the same time. There are many legal ramifications involved in all of these transactions, and it is always a good idea to have an attorney working for you to make sure all of your documents are processed properly and everything that needs to be done gets done correctly.

Always hire a home inspector prior to putting your house on the market, especially if you are using the FSBO process to sell your home. It can be frustrating to get the selling process almost to closing, only to have a home inspector from the bank or the buyers come in and put a stop to the deal. Hire a home inspector and make all of the improvements and changes that they recommend in their report. You may also want to get the title on your home looked at as well to make sure that there are no strange circumstances that may prevent the deed from your house from changing hands.

It is not necessary to get involved with a bank if you are just selling your home and do not plan on buying another one right away, but for any sizeable financial transaction such as selling a home it is always a good idea to have an accountant available should you have any questions. There are tax implications with selling a home, and there are also other financial considerations such as the payment of the existing mortgage, so it helps to have consulted an accountant prior to putting your home on the market and maintain that contact throughout the process.

The FSBO organizations offer excellent advice on how to fix-up your home to make it sell quicker, but it may be a good idea to hire an interior designer to help you make changes that can really matter. An interior designer will help you find ways to fix-up your home on a budget, and they can customize a plan to fit your home and make it the best it can be.


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