Putting Professionals Behind Your FSBO Sign

If you have chosen to sell your home without he help of a realtor, and if you have put an FSBO sign on your front lawn, you can not afford to ignore the services provided by three key professionals. You should make a point of contacting both a real estate attorney and a professional appraiser. You should also launch a search for a reliable title compay.

You need to contact a real estate attorney, because you ought to have a legal advocate on hand. You never know when you might need to turn to that attorney, because you need someone who will speak for you in court. There is always the chance that a disgruntled buyer might decide to sue you, as the seller of the purchased property.

For Sale by Owner

For Sale by Owner

A real estate attorney has studied a number of legal cases, including cases that concerned some sort of real estate transaction. A licensed attorney has the ability to research the legal precedents that will guide the judge in making any decision. The real estate attorney shares with his or her client valuable information, information that was gleaned from various resources.

The professional appraiser can give the property owner an informed and unbiased opinion about the market value of a home. The owner can then use that information as a guide, when determing the asking price for his or her home. The professional appraiser bases his or her opinion on both specific and general information. The appraiser studies the location of the home the size of the home, the condition of the home and the various amenities within the home. The appraiser then looks at general data on recently sold homes in the same area as the appriaised home.

A good appraiser also takes the time to examine tax records and other public documents, in order to obtain verification of the actual selling price for homes in the area of the appraised home. In that way, a professional appraiser can help a property owner to set the asking price for his or her home at the most appropriate level.

The titile company does not help with finding a buyer, but it plays a key role in the transfer of a property from a seller to a buyer. That is why anyone who plans to put an FSBO sign on the front lawn should search for a dependable title company. A title company is a business entity. Like any business, a relaiable and dependable title company seeks to insure the completion of an honest business transaction.

Without using the services of a title company, a property owner can never hope to complete a real estate settlement. The title company coordinates the transfer of money and property upon the closing of a real estate agreement. The title company researches the history of the title that is in the possession of the seller, so that the title company can identify any liens or claims on the property.

The title company collects and distributes the money paid by the seller, seeing that all liens and claims have been satisfied. The title company then tranfers ownership of the property and issues title insurance.


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