How to Find an FSBO Organization

A realtor can make selling a home look like an extremely complicated process. When they first show up they drop a huge contract in front of you to sign, and then they spend a very long time explaining the selling process to you. After that there is an elaborate tour of the house, and finally you sit down to discuss a selling price and strategy. One of the ways a realtor makes the house-selling process seem complicated is by listing all of the paperwork and marketing work that needs to be done to make the sale of your home legal and possible.

For Sale by Owner

Over the years the “for sale by owner,” or FSBO, movement has gained a great deal of momentum mostly because the organizations involved in FSBO have taken much of the mystique out of the process of selling a home. A good FSBO organization will not only have all of the paperwork you need in the kit they supply you when you sign up, they will also have people available to answer any questions you may have on how to use and fill out those forms. The forms are still complicated, but the FSBO organizations will walk you through every step so that you understand what you need to do in order to sell your home on your own.

So how to do you find the FSBO organization that is right for you? The first thing you can do is check the rack of free publications at your local supermarket, and grab all of the FSBO publications. They are always clearly marked, and they are usually updated weekly. Take a look at the material and see if it is the way that you would want to present your house when you sell it. Check the descriptions, and just check to see if the general quality and accuracy is up to your standards. It is important that an FSBO organization have a companion website to go with their publication, because you want to get the word out to the people moving in from out of town as well as the people that already live in your town. Navigate the website and see you like the way the site is mapped out, and see if you like the way the site is organized. If you are happy with the marketing materials, then the next step is to see the FSBO in action.

A good FSBO knows that in order to sell a home they need to do more than just sell a package of paperwork and create marketing outlets. They need to offer practical advice on how to do an open house, and offer their clients tips that will help them sell their home. Take the time to visit an open house held by someone that has subscribed to an FSBO organization, and judge for yourself on the quality of the home’s presentation. Do you feel like you are walking into an open house held by someone that knows what they are doing? Are you noticing little things that help to sell a home like a friendly fire crackling in the fireplace and a pleasant scent throughout the house? If you are impressed with the presentation of the house, then talk to the owners and ask how much help they are getting from their FSBO organization. If you like what you hear, then the next step is to contact that FSBO organization and get started for yourself.


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  1. Posted June 15, 2010 at 12:49 am |

    Another thing the people don’t realize is that much of that complicated paperwork is easily handled by the settlement company. When I sold my first property on my own, the only paperwork I had to come up with was the sales contract and a dislosure form. The settlement company did all the rest.

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